Just a quick question -- the man page for unset() doesn't mention 
anything about unsetting arrays, but does it work the same way?  I have 
this if/elseif/else statement (pseudocode):

$error_msgs = array();
if (there is a problem) {
   $error_msgs[] = "error message 1";
} elseif (there is a different problem) {
   $error_msgs[] = "error message 2";
} else {

unset()ing the array isn't really crucial, because I don't use the array 
if $error_msgs is empty.  But my code doesn't tell me one way or the 
other whether or not the array is being unset, and I was just curious if 
anyone knew for sure whether this works the way I think it does.



Erik Price
Web Developer Temp
Media Lab, H.H. Brown

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