Because, as you already can imagine, different browsers "think" different. 
First of all, as long as I remember, Nutscrape does not react on " disabled" 
parameter in form objects. This might have been changed though. Anyway, to 
be very sure - do not count on these values to be sent to you, if you really 
want them, create a copy as "hidden" and that is it. 


Maxim Maletsky 


Boaz Yahav writes: 

>> Hi 
>> I'm having a problem that is taking me out of my mind.
>> I have a DISABLED field in my HTML (<SELECT> tag) and for some reason,
>> it's value is not passed back to the script after submission.
>> If I remove the DISABLED word it's ok.  
>> The funny issue is that with Netscape it's ok but IE is acting up. 
> any ideas? 
>> Sincerely 
>>       berber 
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