I am getting the following error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: add_folderfile() in 
/home/eprice/public_html/filerequest.php on line 756

I have the following code, line 756 is the line with the "if" test:

// add the $ff_instance to the Print Request Folder using method 
if (!$_SESSION['prfolder']->add_folderfile(serialize($ff_instance))) {
   die("Could not store \$ff_instance object in \$_SESSION['prfolder'] 

The add_folderfile() method of the $_SESSION['prfolder'] object looks 
like this:

        // add a folderfile to the Print Request Folder
        function add_folderfile($ff_obj)
                $this->prf_folder[] = $ff_obj;
                return true;

And I have properly defined the class variable $this->prf_folder as an 
array at the top of the class in the following fasion:

        var $prf_folder = array();

The add_folderfile() function is defined as part of a class in an 
includefile called "classes.inc", which I know is being correctly 
included because every page on my site is built with a template class in 
that same file.

Now that you've heard my life story...

Does anyone know of any reasons why I might be getting the "undefined 
function" error?  Am I unable to use a superglobal 
($_SESSION['prfolder']) as the name of an object when attempting to use 
a method of that object (as in the code at the top of this email)?




Erik Price
Web Developer Temp
Media Lab, H.H. Brown

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