My cheap trick around this is to have an onClick event on the form submit
button that brings up a small window with a progress note in it, and an
animated gif of a prgress bar.

As the page does not unLoad until the upload is finished, I use the unLoad
event of the body tag to close that progress window.

Generally works really well for me. I can show you an example if you like.


> I have a POST form with a file upload field. Users will be uploading
> pictures. What would be the most professional way to tell them their
> file is
> uploading and to please wait? Since the action page won't execute until
> after the image is done uploading, is there a way to have an
> intermediary
> page load telling them to please wait, and that page will take the image
> and
> upload it? Or should I just put a note in the upload form warning them
> about
> the long upload times and gray out the submit button with javascript
> after
> it's clicked?

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