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> Hi,
> Hope in the right place ?  Just finished loading RH7.2 Apache 1.3.23, M=
> ySQL
> 3.23.49a, and PHP 4.1.2  I have gotten this to work properly on W2K, II=
> S4 &
> 5 with no problems.  To start off ...  all of these are working properl=
> y
> individually.  PHP works fine on Apache MySQL works fine by itself, and=
> Apache is serving HTML and PHP pages with no Problems.  But the problem=
> lies with PHP accessing MySQL.  I keep getting an error can not load my=
> sql
> extension, please check php.ini.
> I have checked and double checked the php.ini setting, and it reference=
> s no
> module needs to be loaded with this version because it is Mysql support=
>  is
> built in.
> All of the settings of the db's are identical as far as users and passw=
> ds.
> anyone ever get this....
> I would greatly appreciate your response.

Does the php have mysql support compiled in? Put phpinfo() in a script on 
its own and check the output.

David Robley
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