> Prepared queries in practice are the same as what John Lim calls in this
> document as "binding", except that
> he doesn't seem to be aware that it is the same thing, so he says that
> only some database can use it! :-) Metabase handles prepared queries
> with ALL supported databases.
Some databases such as MS Access/MySQL do not support binding. So
even if you support MySQL, you only get emulated binding in MySQL, and
not the performance increase you might have expected. I hope that is

> Last but not least, PHP ADODB is an attempt of John Lim to develop
> something of his own copying ideas and names from everywhere and cash on
> it by selling PHPLens. He copied Microsoft ADODB to appeal better to
> Windows users. But since ADODB was not meant specifically for portable
> Web development, he still needed to copy features of Metabase like
> auto-incremented integer sequence values and limiting the range of rows
> returned in select queries result sets. Some of these things that were
> copied had their names changes to not look so obvious but they are still
> copies of Metabase features because only Metabase provided them before.

Manuel,  you have a habit of saying nasty things, and you set a bad example
doing so, because you are a good programmer who should be a leader in the

 I wish i were smart enough  to have copied from you, but unfortunately I am
too old and stupid. Most of the techniques you mention i learnt before i
even knew PHP,
let alone before had the pleasure of knowing you :-)

Instead I learnt from people who have built some of the finest database
technology around-
the MySQL people who developed the limiting range of rows with SELECT LIMIT
(that is why the function is called SelectLimit in honor of them), and
auto-incrementing stuff from
the Sybase/MS SQL Server designers. I cannot resist mentioning a forgotten
database abstraction
system which I learnt a lot from, developed by Apple, called DAL. A
fantastic product
that is sadly gone, but not forgotten.

I have no problems saying that I developed ADOdb because I needed a database
class library to implement phpLens. The reason is simple, there is no other
class library for php that had sufficient functionality to meet the
sophisticated data
requirements that I had. Frankly I would have used Metabase or PEAR DB or
similar if it was mature enough. As to the deficiencies of Metabase and PEAR
DB, i don't
think a mud-slinging match is appropriate, but I believe in my work, and
think it stands
very well compared to other libraries.

Yours sincerely, John

ps: ADOdb is released under a BSD-style license, there are no restrictions
to its use.

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