On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, [ rswfire ] wrote:
> Assume I want *.domain.*/*.* to automatically call index.php (without the 
> user knowing and without any redirecting at all):
> RewriteEngine  on
> RewriteBase    /
> RewriteRule    *.* index.php [R]
> I don't know what in the world the [R] is, but it's in almost all of the 
> mod_rewrite examples...  :-)

RewriteRule * index.php

Don't use the [R] - that tells it to create an external redirect. It's 
used in many of the examples because in many real-world cases people are 
using rewrite rules to coax invalid URLs into valid ones, and this way 
there's at least some chance that the bad ones will get updated.


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