How would I have a script display results in a table, but make it so 
that once 3 or 4 results are displayed in one table row, a new table 
row would be started?

Right now I have something like:
printf("<img src='%s'><br>",$pic1);

And all the records for $pic1 come out into a single column which, if I 
had many records, could get unwieldy. I'm looking to do something like:
printf("<td><img src='%s'></td>",$pic1>

Where instead of one table row being created with endless <td>'s, the 
printf() function would print just 3 records, then another '<tr>' tag 
would be printed to start a new row, where printf() could print the 
next 3 records, and so on. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance,

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