You can pass it using POST rather than GET-style arguments, but that will 
require structuring your pages so that people use buttons to get from one 
to the next, and it will only keep really dumb people from seeing the 

Other than that, look at the manual's section on Sessions.


On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Kevin Meredith wrote:
> Is there any way variables can be sent without them being seen?
> I am trying to set a session variable from data that is pulled from MySql.
> I have 2 frames open , the first frame has the options available which when
> selected sends the variable info and opens a page in the second frame.  This
> page then registers the variable showing the selection.
> I am currently sending the info like "pagename.php?variable=what
> target=frame"
> The links are generated from info in MySql and therefore I have not managed
> to send the info in a form using hidden fields.  The main reason for this is
> security.  Users should not know what variables are being passed or needed.
> Thanks
> Kevin

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