> I'd be interested in knowing your versions and the versions 
> of the first guy that posted about this. Maybe he has the same 
> setup as me, or close enough, but both of us are different 
> from you. 

Actually, I just thought about it - maybe you guys are both running
it on Windows (shame on you ;)).

I *have* actually seen PHP bring down IIS with a setcookie command.
Since a setcookie issues headers, I thought "fine, screw you, I'll
set the headers myself", and it STILL brought IIS down. And indeed,
the load *did* skyrocket and require a reboot of the server.

I asked around here at the time if anyone had experienced this (look
through the mailing list archive to find it) and at the time got
more of a congratulatory salute from the list members than any real
responses :)

Maybe this is more of a PHP-on-IIS issue than an actual security
issue in PHP.


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