How about something like ...
$agents = array();
If ($result = mysql_query("SELECT h.title, h.address, a.agentname 
                                FROM homes h, agents a WHERE
{       while ($array = mysql_fetch_array($result))
        {       $agents[$array["agentname"]][] = $array;

foreach($agents as $agent=>$addresses)
{       echo("$agent<br>");
        foreach($addresses as $address)
        {       echo("{$address["title"]}, {$address["address"]}");

Please treat this as pseudo code, but you get the idea. Arrays of arrays can
be really powerful for stuff like this.

Tim Ward
Internet Chess <> 

        From:  Jason Dulberg [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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        Subject:  RE: [PHP] save html created by loop in variable

        Thanks for your reply... I just tried it with ob_start(); and I
think I'm
        almost on the right track. Just one small issue. Since the records
are in a
        while loop, the results are printed line by line as expected.
However, I
        need to print something obtained from the sql query just once then
the rest
        to loop.

        //a.agentname displays only once and h.title/h.address will be in a
        SELECT h.title, h.address, a.agentname FROM homes h, agents a WHERE AND$aid

        Basically what I'm after is displaying something like:

        Agent: Fred
        nice house, 123 street
        ugly house, 643 road

        Thanks again for your help on this.


        > -----Original Message-----
        > From: Miguel Cruz [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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        > Subject: Re: [PHP] save html created by loop in variable
        > On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Jason Dulberg wrote:
        > > I have a WHILE loop that I am interested in storing the html
that is
        > > generated based on its results to a variable. This variable 
        > would then be
        > > echoed later on.
        > Check in the manual under Output Buffering.
        > miguel

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