session_name will retur the previos name of the session, so in your case
$stuff will contain "PHPSESSID"
and i think you have to call session_start(); before you do
$HTTP_SESSION_VARS["username"] = $username;

so perhaps this will work:

$stuff = session_name();
$HTTP_SESSION_VARS["username"] = $username;

Regards, Michael

"Phil Powell" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Will the following lines set up a session by the name of "hasLoggedIn"
> HTTP_SESSION_VARS["username"]?
> $stuff = session_name("hasLoggedIn");
>      $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["username"] = $username;
>      session_start();
> I am trying to create a page that sets a session variable upon successful
> login, problem is, the session_name() never changes it always remains the
> default PHPSESSID  what am I doing wrong now?
> I fixed the problem with multiple files, that was bizarre!
> Thanx
> Phil

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