Hi Manuel, I still don't see a problem in others telling their experiences
with certain packages.  If someone has just used metabase or has just used
adodb then I would like to hear how easy/hard it was to port to another

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Sp wrote:
> Can someone with database expertise who has used metabase and adodb cut
> through this rhetoric and give an objective view of these two packages.
> From what I got from this convo is that metabase is slower but more
> but adodb is faster but not as portable.

No, Metabase does much more than ADODB. When you do more, eventually
things may take a little longer when you do less. This should be

Anyway, if you really care about portability, you're only way out is
Metabase. Other abstraction packages were not meant for portability but
rather for interface makeup.

I think you will be the better judge of that if you try looking at least
at each package documentation. It is pointless to ask to people here
when most of them only know one or the other package.

Manuel Lemos

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