Could some one please direct me in the right direction.....

I am trying to get an snmpwalk on an snmp device.. I have set up the
community and IP correctly..

I can do a manually by doing the fallowing:

snmpwalk public

from a terminal,,, and I do get some responses....

if I use the fallowing code threw apache..

 $a = snmpwalk("", "public", "");
for ($i=0; $i < count($a); $i++) {
    echo $a[$i];

and call this threw a browser

I get the fallowing:

and it seem as the page times out... but its very quick...almost as soon as
I call the page.

Other PHP pages work fine...
I'm running on a Dell PIII Duel 500 w/512Meg Ram running SuSE 7.3 SMP

I have compiled net-snmp
using ethereal.. I can see the snmp gets & get-next ... as well as the

Anyone have any idea... ??


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