On Thursday 18 April 2002 02:31 pm, you wrote:
> On Thursday, April 18, 2002, at 12:33  PM, Andre Dubuc wrote:
> > Since these drop-down lists have " <OPTION SELECTED>In USA/Canada ",
> > tabbing
> > in the form jumps over these drop-downs [simply becuase they're
> > filled]. I
> > would like them to be included in the tabbing.
> >
> > Originally I used "tabindex" to control the flow over optional fields. I
> > deleted the tabindex since the behavior of the form was erratic and
> > non-logical in flow.
> >
> > Any ideas on how to circumvent the default behavior of <OPTION
> > SELECTED>blah,
> > blah , blah?
> To the best of my knowledge, this action is out of your control, at
> least from the perspective of a PHP coder.  It's the way the browser
> handles user input, and nothing your PHP script on the server can do
> will override this.
> In my browsers, Mozilla 0.9.9 Mac and IE5.1Mac, I don't get this
> behavior even when there is a SELECTED option.  Although, I use the form
> <option selected="yes">blah blah</option>.  Try your code using this
> style, which incidentally is XHTML compliant, and maybe your browser
> will respond differently.
> Or perhaps there is some JavaScript technique that can help you, if you
> decide to go this route then you will want to investigate the
> *focus-related attributes.
> Erik
> ----
> Erik Price
> Web Developer Temp
> Media Lab, H.H. Brown

Thanks Eric,

That did the trick!  The tabs work in drop-downs now. 

Btw, I'm using Konqueror with LM 8.2. It seems to have some quirks in it. 
Mozilla & Galeon however don't seem to like my CSS stylesheet colors -- I'll 
have to figure that one out later.


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