At 8:24 AM -0700 18/4/02, Chris Hall wrote:

>    I'm using the mail() function on a project for a client. His hosting
>provider currently offers php3, meanwhile I've been developing in php4. So
>far, I don't haven't found any problems other than the following:
>In php4, inside the mail function I use newline definitions to seperate
>data, and it works terrific. But in php3 mail() doesn't seem to parse the
>newline tags, and it prints them in the email body. Workarounds/fixes?

Sounds to me as if you have an extra newline in there. The first blank
line indicates to the MTA/MUA the end of the headers and the start of
the message body.

Note that (IMHO) the manual page for mail() is wrong. I believe the
line endings used to separate headers should be the system's native
line endings. Not "\r\n". Using "\r\n" on a Unix box can cause some
MTA's (qmail, in particular) to imagine *two* line endings, thus ending
your headers.


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