I have a directory on my server that contains log files for all my virtual hosts.  
I'd like to create a (web) login page that each owner of those vhosts can use to gain 
access to their individual log files.  Ideally by using the same login they have on 
the system (their physical log in), but not required.

    My problems are, a) each login need only access to their log files, no one else's, 
and b) some logins will have more than one vhost (and consequently more than one log 

    Right now I have the directory structure setup as follows:

    /main logs/
    /main logs/<vhost 1>
    /main logs/<vhost 2>
    /main logs/<vhost 3>

    So, if the owner of <vhost 1> logs in, I want them to be "dropped" within 
/main_logs/<vhost 1>/ to see their log files.  But, I don't know how to tie the 
different vhosts that belong to the same owner together.

    (I suspect someone might ask why, so I'll also note this: The reason I have this 
setup is because I run statistics on each log file, and it's those reports that the 
users get access to, not the actual physical log file)

    I'm open to suggestions.

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