It does not work. Can somebody to help me!?!?!?

Each time I try  to write with ming it does not work.  I have Popup:  The
instruction At "0x00b907fc" referenced memory At "0x00abc000".  The memory
could not Be "written".

I maked a  file .mdb by my self  (if the file would not be portable...) I
use a server win2K PHP4 v.4.1.2 Ming was already installed with the basic
package and to draw functions work.

here the code used:
$f=new SWFFont("Sydnie.fdb");
$t=new SWFText();
$t->addString("PHP fait du Flash avec Ming!!");
$m=new SWFMovie();
header('Content-type: application/x-shockwave-flash');

Thank you


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