Garbage collection is launched according to the gc_probablility. If it finds
a session file that has not been modified for a longer time than
gc_maxlifetime, it deletes it. So, whenever a user requests a page, they
essentially reset the session timer to zero for that particular session,
since the session file gets modified on each page request for that session.
If you want to set a hard timeout of 20 minutes, you may need to write your
own garbage collection process.


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> From: Phil Powell [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Friday, April 19, 2002 1:02 AM
> Subject: [PHP] How long does a session last? Need to have it at 20mins
> I had thought that a session would last only 20 mins if
> session.gc_maxlifetime is set at 1440.  Was I wrong in 
> assuming this?  I
> have pages that have session_start() at the top to persist the session
> throughout the life-cycle of these pages, however, I want the 
> session to
> expire after 20 mins or so of use.  How can I assure that the 
> session will
> expire after 20 mins?
> Thanx
> Phil

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