At 19.04.2002  14:21, you wrote:
> > >Is there any official statement (by about which file 
> extension you
> > >should use when using PHP (1, 2, 3 or 4)? I know that's server 
> related, but
> > >isn't there a standard?
> > This only belongs to the settings your webserver allows.
> > f.e. I have configured, to parse every html file, so it looks like 
> there were
> > static files, but they are php files. (not recommended on "real
> > traffic/big" sites
> > Some ISPīs suggest that you use php3/4 extensions, as they have both 
> versions
> > running.
>I wonder why they do this? In my experience, php3 code runs fine on a
>php4 server and on the servers I manage, the apache configuration passes
>both .php3 and .phtml scripts to php4 for execution.
Maybe PHP3 scripts work fine on 4, but if youīve 4th, you cannot run them on 3.
And which ISP can/will guarantee that 3s work fine on 4, even in the 
beginning of 4?
(BTW some of my 3 scripts donīt work on 4)

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