I'm very new to php and PostgreSQL.  I keep getting the following error
when I try to create a table:

Warning: Wrong parameter count for pg_exec() in
/var/www/html/elkan/createtable.php on line 23
The table, ghdsl could not be created

Here is the code I'm using:


// set variables
$tablename = "ghdsl";
$dbname = "testingdb";
$user = "testinguser";
$password = "xxxxxx";

$connect = "pg_connect($dbname, $user, $password)";

$query = "CREATE table $tablename (id INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL
AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, ip TEXT, customer TEXT, dslphone TEXT, date
TEXT, vpivci TEXT)";

 if (pg_exec($dbname, $query, $connect))
  print ("The table, $tablename was successfully created");
  } else {
  print ("The table, $tablename could not be created");


thanks for any help.

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