I have quite an unusual problem for you :) There will be a 24-hour
programming competition at our university, where teams of 3 have one
day to solve a complex problem (which will be revealed on the day
of the competition). Teams cannot get help from "outside", so no outward
network / phone communication is available, but you can use anything you
take there with you (any development tools, books, pre-written software

The language in which you write the software is up to you, the most
popular choices being C++ and Java - but this year our team are going
to use PHP (and PHP-GTK).

The big question is: will PHP be enough for the whole project, or will
we need something else (like external C/Java modules)?
Last year the task was to write an artificially intelligent soccer game
based on a client-server architecture: there was a server acting like
some kind of game controller (referee) and 2D display screen, while
the automated clients (players) were playing individually according
to the game's rules and some simulated information on what they 'see'
at the time.

It's said that it will be something quite different this year -
but required knowledge includes:
algorithm theory, information and code theory, artificial intelligence,
queuing, databases, client-server architectures, computer networks,
control theory, 2D graphic programming and software ergonomy.
All this in 24 hours - nice, eh? :)

So the question again - are there any parts of all this where you think
PHP will not be enough? (Apart from the graphics, for which we'll use
PHP-GTK). If so, what kind of outside module integration do you
recommend for us?
Also, which PHP sites / resources / code libraries do you think we should
(recursively) download which might help us a lot? (Apart from php.net,
of course.)

We're really interested in your opinions - is this feasible or
are we just plain mad? :)

Peter Visontay

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