Hello there, 

I'm seriously researching some aspects of writing a content management
system that would be 'relatively' easy to extend. 

My biggest problem is the ground level -- how should the central system
(that registers modules) work? Ideally, it should be possible to easily
extended the system -- running the install.php file (or something
similar) will tell (insert new database rows or will add new rows to the
configuration file) the central module that a new module was just added
and also gives instructions, how to use it, with which other modules it
integrates and where the new files are. 

The basic idea is that modifications to existing files (modules)
shouldn't be made (except the central module, which handles all others).
Each module should be totally *independent*, but should still integrate
with the rest of the modules (when marked as possible in the database).
What I mean by 'integrate' is the following: there are two modules, for
example, "image gallery" and "articles". Both of them should appear in
"What's new" part (when the appropriate checkbox will be checked). Also,
it would be nice when one could choose the option "Publish to articles"
when inserting a new image gallery (a client event for example -- story
in pictures). Yes, that's a simplified example. 

So, the problem is that there might only be the "article" module at
first. Later, the "articles" and "What's new" module will be added and
all three of them should now work together. I hope you catch my drift. 

I have quite a few ideas, but I'm sure that our team is just
re-inventing the wheel. What are your experiences? Are there any good
books on the subject of creating an extendable content management system
(preferably from the coders point of view, but not language-specific). 

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