> On Fri, 19 Apr 2002, Jeff Oien wrote:
> >> Far better would be to put a placeholder in $body like @@@ and then just 
> >> do $body = ereg_replace('@@@', $url, $body);
> > 
> > That's giving me a blank also. The form for changing the email is in a 
> > password protected area where only two people are allowed. But I'll
> > implement the more secure version when I can get it to work. Thanks
> > for the help.
> If that's giving you a blank then something else is wrong in your code.  
> This definitely does work:
>    $body = "Hello, and thank you. Please visit the site @@@.";
>    $url = "http://boogers.on.toast/";;
>    $body = ereg_replace('@@@', $url, $body);
> Start from the simplest case, verify that it works, and then work out to
> include all the other funky stuff you've got going on.
> miguel

What I meant was this is giving me a blank still:
$body = eval("return \"{$body}\";");
Just to clarify. I will be trying to narrow down the problem later today.
Jeff Oien 

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