On Sun, 21 Apr 2002, Denis L. Menezes wrote:
> I am looking into 4 books in front of me but somehow cannot find the
> following :
> I have a field userid which the user fills in at registration. Before
> entering the data into the database, I want to check if the userid exists in
> the database.
> Can someone tell me the name of the function I must use, I will look for the
> rest in the php dictionary.

Say you're using MySQL...

  $userid = 'bob';

  $sql = "select userid from user where userid='$userid'";
  $st = mysql_query($sql);
  if (mysql_num_rows($st))
    print "<p>UserID <b>$userid</b> already in use.</p>";
    print '<p>Now adding you to the database...</p>';
    // ...


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