To prove that it works.  My infamous spinning logo example that everyone
has seen 10 times...

The phpinfo() with the configure flags are here:

libswf is compiled in directly and is built externally and loaded
in via php.ini.


On Sat, 20 Apr 2002, Richard Lynch wrote:

> Please Cc: me as well...
> I'm having the devil of a time getting Ming and/or libswf to do a Bitmap...
> Short version:
> What's the most stable PHP+Ming version-compatible combo I can achieve?
> I don't care about anything else for this build, not even MySQL, just
> PHP + Ming.  Or libswf, if it's better.
> Moderate version:
> In particular, I need SWFBitmap to do something other than segfault
> or spew out SWF error messages about SWFCharacter or not being able
> to understand perfectly valid JPEG/DBL files.
> I'd also settle for "Use libswf" if I could get that to do a bitmap
> without segfaulting either.
> Note that I *can* get non-bitmap Flash examples to work in Ming, so
> I'm not screwing everything up here.  And, yes, I did read the docs
> about the changes to SWFBitmap arguments of filename versus file
> handle/data-stream.  segfault or error messages, take your pick.
> Long version:
> Started with 4.1.2 (the one with the icky-looking phpinfo() bug) and Ming 0.2a
> I'm not completely unsuccessful in getting them to "work" -- I can
> get the square red spinning example from, errr, the PHP Manual
> user-contributed notes to work.  So ming itself got compiled in okay
> (--with-ming = /usr/src/ming)
> But then I plop in Rasmus' spinning PHP logo bitmap from slide
> 30-something of the Spinal Injection at and I get
> a segfault. :-(
> I've tried switching to/from the new/old style of handing SWFBitmap a
> file handle, or the actual contents of the file, or the *name* of the
> file, and can achieve a nice error message from Ming that it can't
> figure out what kind of file yoya (with umlats -- the first 4 chars
> in a JPEG) is, and similarly about "dbl2" for a DBL file, whatever
> that is.  (Never heard of a DBL file before today and don't know how
> to view one, but I used Ming's png2dbl utility on a PNG that looks
> okay to me...)
> I've tried libswf, and it also seems to segfault on attempts to do a
> bitmap -- though I admit I'm not at all sure I'm calling the
> functions properly.  Am I supposed to just make up numbers for the
> unique objid inputs, or do they have some kind of internal meaning to
> Flash that I'm just supposed to intuit or what?  Neither library
> seems very PHP-ish, but I can at least grok the Ming lib.  At any
> rate, I can achieve valid Flash files without bitmaps in libswf as
> well, but as soon as I touch a bitmap, Bam!, segfault.
> Anyway, the Ming docs mention that you have to have a standard
> 0-frame JPEG or somesuch...  I've tried both JPEG 6.0 and QuickTime
> JPEG from GraphicConverter, and I verified that I did *not* do the
> progressive thang there...
> Still, I don't claim to understand that buffer-0 JPEG bit of the Ming
> manual at all...
> But, since I used Ming's png2dbl tool to generate the DBL file,. and
> it doesn't like that either:  Same results -- I can segfault or it
> can bitch it's not an SWFCharacter, or it can bitch that it doesn't
> know what kind of file that DBL2 file is.   So I'm pretty sure it's
> not just a bad JPEG, and there truly is something broken about
> SWFBitmap in 4.1.2 with Ming 0.2a
> I've been trying to compile with 4.0.4pl1, mostly cuz I had it handy already.
> After hand-editing the ~/ming/php_ext/Makefile to have the hard-coded
> include paths for /usr/local/include/php/[main|Zend|TSRM] I got it to
> compile, albeit with tons of some semi-serious compiler warnings.
> Must have been worse than semi-serious, though, as the resulting
> yields:
> undefined symbol: VCWD_FOPEN
> At this point, I'd be happy to have somebody just point me to what
> they consider the most stable versions of PHP+Ming, I think, but I'll
> take any advice at all...
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