I believe the php.ini file has "magic_quote_runtime" (or simular) enabled.
Not much you can do unless you have control of the server (ie, you are the

You have everything in an array, so it's quite easy to stripslashes() on the
whole array... it'd be a lot harder with individual vars.

Justin French
Creative Director

on 15/04/02 8:42 PM, Jeroen Olthof ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hi,
> The problem:
> I don't use addslashes($....) but somehow that is what happens to my posted
> data
> The situation:
> I'm building a wizard like form that read all posted data (HTTP_POST_VARS,
> HTTP_GET_VARS etc..) and puts it in an array that is registerd in a session.
> This gives me the possibility to use back en next in the wizard form. But
> every time the slashes are added !!!!!
> What is the solution
> PHP version 4.0.3pl1
> server is running a slash admin interface (so upgrading is a bit difficult)
> what to do , to avoid those auto addslasshes ???
> kind regards
> Jeroen Olthof

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