On 20 Apr 02, at 11:48, Peter Janett wrote:

> I need to create a simple app that works like a radio repeater, in that is
> simply passes information it receives through to another script, in both
> directions.
> In other words, a remote application located at www.domain.com/app.php
> accepts variable1, variable2, and variable3, and returns a response based on
> that information.
> I want to put a "repeater app" in the middle of the browser and the url
> above, so information is passed to www.mydomain.com/process.php, and is not
> changed at all, but is sent to www.domain.com/app.php, and the response from
> www.domain.com/app.php is sent back to www.mydomain.com/process.php, so the
> results of sending the same information to either url will be exactly the
> same.
> I'm not trying to do packet sniffing or anything, just trying to "mask" a
> url.  It would be nice if I could pass cookies through as well.
> Any help, resources, ideas, etc appreciated.

i have the following idea if you want to use standard HTML-PHP 

if the amount of information is not too large, make use of URL-
attached variables and pass them to your repeater script, which
contains a form. Dont forget to attach also ...&submit=yes to it.
parse recieved variables in that script with and parsestr($argv[0])


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