> Does anyone have any experience with making script output display in a
> frame??  I would like to get this to happen on an e-commerce site I am
> designing and am stuck.  I have tried <form method=POST
> action=myscript.php target=main> with no success.  Please help.

> ----
> Jeff Means
> CIO for PicoTech
> http://www.picotech.net

Hi Jeff,

maybe it's a good idea to create a hidden HTML-form in the output frame.

In that case you can use javascript in your input frame in order to send
the given
values to the hidden form in your output frame. After that you can submit
the hidden form using the same javascript in your input form.

For example your output frame is called "output"

To fill your hidden frame with input data:


I would simply create a hidden submit-button (using css display-function)

You can activate this button out of javascript with:


It's very simple, but I think it should work.



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