Okay well I answered my own dumb question on this one the server on 
which I was running these on did not have postgresql support built in 
but now I'm running into another problem. When I try to disconnect from 
the server using pg_close in a method(function) I can't seem to find out 
which link to use because I called the connection with a method also. 
Any ideas?

Below is the code to the class

// Database.class
/* This class will specifiy options and methods you can use to connect 
to a databaseserver and use the methods to pull data connect and insert 
or delete data

class Database
   var $connection; 
   function Database()
      print ("In Database Constructor<br>");
   } // end Database Constructor
   function connectDb($host,$user,$dbname,$pw)
      print ("Starting Database connection...<br>");
      $connection = pg_connect("host=$host user=$user dbname=$dbname 
      return $connection;

   } // end connectDb method
   function freeResult($result)
   } // end freeResult method
   function disconnectDb($con)
      print ("<br><br>Closing Connection...");
   } // end disconnectDb method
}// end class Database

In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Smileyq) wrote:

> I have recently been trying to create a class called Database with 
> methods inside it to ease my coding with web applications. I've noticed 
> though when I create an object from the class like
> $x = new Database();
> Then try to call the connectDB() method (function we call it in PHP) 
> like so
> $x->connectDb(bla bla bla bla);
> I get the error message that the function cannot be found as if it is 
> for some reason looking in the class itself for a function of pg_connect 
> when it should be using the PHP libriaries instead. Anybody else run 
> into this problem or know a way to fix it.
> Thanks
> ---
> Sloan

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