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I think this is an Apache question more than PHP, but I'll give it a

Aside from the new apache_setenv in 4.2RC3+ (and I haven't tried), is
there a way to set $REMOTE_USER from PHP?

Let me explain:

I have an external (ie, custom) authentication process (hate basic auth)
but I want the web logs to reflect the user visits (ie, I think from
memory REMOTE_USER is the var that gets logged)

In any case, after authentication, I'd like to set $REMOTE_USER and fool
Apache into thinking that it's done a basic auth and will now log users
as per basic auth.

I've worked on an iPlanet server that's achieved this, but not without a
custom built NSAPI module (in this case would be Apache API)

I know it's pretty specific but if you can help at all I'd appreciate
it... My next step is hacking out an apache module, but that's a..
ahh... not so preferred approach ;-)

Sek-Mun Wong
Connecting Space
Sydney, Australia

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