On Mon, 2002-04-22 at 12:29, Tarjei Huse wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running a cuple of servers with php + mysql. Now, on one server I am
> running a setup with PHP 4.0.6 (patched for security) and Cyrus Imapd
> 1.5.x. I am having large problems getting this to work. The server
> functions w/o problems except that it segfaults every time I use the
> imap-open call. 

So does this use cclient as the imap support for PHP ? 
Personally I have found that buggy in the past try upgrading to the
latest version.

> I have seen others having reproted equal problems to this list, so I am
> wondering if this is a known bug or if anyone has experienced this.
> Also, I whant all possible tips for locating the error.

Here is a problem I had and how I found and fixed it.

Using: php,mod-ssl,apache to do webmail. 
Problem: It would SEGFPE every so many request (sometimes just 2   
          sometimes 100`s)

Tried to chase in the php code where this bug was
 and not trying mod_ssl (encryption must use the FPU alot etc.).

Eventually compiled php with -ggdb (debug symbols) setup my FreeBSD to
core dump in the same area and played. After backtracing several
coredump I found the this happened when the php added or subtracted  2
large numbers together.  
   After a bit more debug the FPU was broken on the CPU and it now runs
with FPU emulation and is ok. Interesting that that was the only thing
that tickled the FPU.

So compile php in debug mode is my advice.


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