At 22.04.2002  14:04, you wrote:
>Hi all of you
>I 'm desesperatly trying to connect to my MS SQL server 2000 demo version 
>using a php script (executed by a form), running Easyphp (apache) as Web 
>server, under Win 2000 Pro F Sp1.
>It says
>Warning: MS SQL message: Échec de la connexion de l'utilisateur 
>'Aurelien'. (severity 14) in c:\program files\easyphp\www\s.php on line 9
>Warning: MS SQL: Unable to connect to server: KOHAI in c:\program 
>files\easyphp\www\s.php on line 9
>KOHAI is my computeur name.. and aurelien my windows name.
>Even when i run the client tool, I have to use my windows Connection.
>Please I need some help
What is in s.php, specially on line 9 ??
And sorry about, but what´s the translation of the MS SQL message?


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