On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Leif K-Brooks wrote:
> I use $formvar for form processing, I don't use the arrays.  This is how I
> was taught to do it.  If my host upgrades to 4.2.0, my website is as good as
> gone!  What am I supposed to do?!

Fix them! This direction was first announced in 4Q1999; 2.5 years ought to 
be enough preparation time.

This change improves your security, so it'd be rational to be happy about 

In any case, you can probably override it for your web space with a 
.htaccess directive, should you want to persist in your resistance to 
positive change.

Also, if you were taught to do it the $formvar way in the past year or so, 
you should find the person who taught you and tweak their nose.


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