Also, non-Unicode TTF fonts will /not/ work with PHP.

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    You need freetype-1.* library . You can get it at .
Then compile php --with-ttf=/usr/local assuming you have the library in
/usr/local/lib .

    I struggled a lot getting the TTF fonts to work in my env . Now I
conclude that only specific combinations of versions of php/gd/freetype
work well
with each other . I am using


which works well for me .

hope this helps.


zhaoxd wrote:

> hello all:
> :)
> My version of gd is 1.8.4,my php is 4.1.2,which works on apache server
whose version is 1.3.24 and my OS is linux7.2.
> When I compiled gd ,I used some libraries,such as
libpng-1.2.0,zlib-1.1.4,freetype-2.1.0,I want my gd can support ttf
besides png image,is it enough?
> Can php support ttf?I hava just compiled gd in php,but I found it can
not use some functions like ImageTTFtext and ImageTTFBBox,why?
> Is that right that  gd-1.8.4 can't support functions about ttf ,just
as gd cannot support gif?
> Thank you
>                                         zhaoxd

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