I believe the auto increment field has to be set as the primary key as well.

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I'm having a problem wiht creating a db in MSSQL, I've only used Mysql
be for so I tryed the syntax just the same way.
I'm trying to execute this code:

create table test
  news_id int not null auto_increment
,  title varchar(50) not null
,  ndate varchar(50) not null
,  headline varchar(150) not null
,  fullarticle text not null
,  lang varchar(50) not null
,  PRIMARY KEY(news_id))

But it gives me an error on the auto_increment, which I assume is wrong
for MSSQL, I've been searching the web for any results regarding to this
problem of mine without any luck so I hope you can find it in your heart
to help me if you can :)

Thaks for your time
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