That is my goal to only use only file and I do use a lot of IF statements.
I will try this. I have not used the Header() function. I will take a look
at it. If you have an example, that would be great.

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i don't undertand why you have the meta refresh in there, but the porblem
you have is simular to any one who clicks refresh on their browser...

essentialy, what you want to do is after the DB insert, use a header()
redirect to a blank form -- steps might look like:

1. form.php (blank) [click submit]
2. validate.php
   a) if not ok redirect to form.php (with entered data)
   b) if ok, insert into DB & redirect to form.php (blank)

In other words, form.php doesn't actually print any data to the screen, it
just evaluates the entered data, and acts upon it.

The value of this is that if the user never sees validate.php, they can't
refresh it (or have a meta refresh), so the data can't be inserted more than
once via a refresh.

if they refresh the form.php, the DB will not be affected.

If you're cleaver with if() statements and other control structures, you can
actually achieve this effect with only one file (form.php)... but that's
another story :)

Have fun,

Justin French
Creative Director

on 23/04/02 11:47 PM, Crane, Christopher ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I use a template page and then split out the middle of the page to do my
> stuff depending on a variable I pass to it.
> I have a problem I hope someone can help me on.
> The template page has a meta refresh in the header set for 60 secs. One of
> the things this page does is insert data into a MySQL database. The
> is once it is finished it displays the same form used to enter the data in
> the MySql database for another record to be added if you comes
> the problem. After the first insert, the data form is redisplayed, but
> the 60 secs and the refresh takes place it runs the last insert again. If
> the user just leaves that page up, every 60 secs it will insert another
> record every 60 secs.
> I was thinking there may be a mechanism to redirect to a different URL
> the database insert, but I do not know how to do that. I want to keep the
> meta refresh because there is a lot of dynamic data displayed on the
> template page that changes. Which is the reason for the Meta Refresh to
> begin with...
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