I have it. I actually got it!

I had the if statement in the wrong place.

Here is what I did:

if($quantity <1)
 echo "Sorry I can't seem to locate this item";
//check if form has been submitted

//if the form has not been submitted run the following

   echo "<FORM ACTION='sortitems.php'METHOD='post'>";
   echo "<SELECT NAME='sort' SIZE='1' >";
   echo "$thisoption";
   echo "<OPTION VALUE='shop'>Put in my shop</OPTION>";
   echo "<OPTION VALUE='locker'>Put into my Footlocker</OPTION>";
   echo "<OPTION VALUE='discard'>Discard this item</OPTION>";
   echo "<OPTION VALUE='donate'>Donate this item</OPTION>";
   echo "</SELECT>";
   echo "<INPUT TYPE='submit' VALUE='Submit' NAME='submit'>";
   echo "</FORM>";

and it worked perfectly!

Thank you ALL for your time and help!

P.S. You people are wonderfull!

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