Yes there is,

you can use fopen() with ftp username and password like this:

fopen("ftp://username:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/path/to/yourfile";, "w");

Using this you also can open files on a HTTP server with Basic
Authentication, code will be then: 

fopen("http://username:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/path/to/yourfile";, "w");


René Visser


> Is there a way to create a file to a remote host.

>  IE: I have a php script on for example - and I want to
> fill out a form on this php script and make it create a file called
> "index.html" on say for example.

>  I have admin and root access to BOTH domains.

>  Is there a way I can popen or fopen a file using ftp username and password?

>  The end result - I want to create index pages on the fly by filling out a
> form - which will in return create the page for my other web sites.

>  So far, I have successfully created the index page.  But to get it to the
> other site I am manually downloading the index page to my local computer,
> and uploading it to its new site - Not the most effective way to do things.

>  Any ideas???
> Thanks in advance
> Dave

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