Do I have to do anything different to access an array in a class?  I have 
     var $apcs = array(); 
at the top of my class
I set it using 
     $line1->adj_array[$pos] = (integer) $value;
in the read-in part of the app that uses the class ($line1 is the object,
$pos is just a number)
Later on in the class I try to do this:
    ImageString($this->im,1,65,5,"apcs[0] = $this->apcs[0]",$this->black);
and it prints out
    apcs[0] = Array[0]
I've never had this happen before - I've always accessed members of an array
by using the square brackets?  I also tried [0][0] but that didn't work
either.  Can anyone see what I might be doing incorrectly?

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