If you have over 1000 entries, each one with ~10 lines of text, I would go
with frames. Not inline-frames, but a true frames. So each change can load
the frame and show the information.

  Also, a <select> with 1000 entries? Break it apart. For example make one
with (imagine this is a select in your browser):

Abba .... Bee Gees                |V|
Beethoven .... Coolio                |
ManyOptions .... ZillionOptions |

  It's an interval of choices, first the user selects the interval, which
loads another select with only these "in between" entries.


Julio Nobrega.

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"Jan Peuker" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi List,
> I want to display large text fields if a user changes wants to, like a
> dictionary. for example, a php-database generated page hosts a combobox
> filled with ids, if a user changes it, a text otherwhere changes. Simple
> Javascript would you say, but what's if this combobox has about >1000
> entries(every entry about 10lines of text)? The page loads and runs very
> slow. But I don't want to reload the page everytime the user changes the
> field. Do you know any solution?
> I know a few: a) As is said, a 2nd textbox filled with value coming from
> array.
> b) The box is filled by a set of textfiles which are generated before
> c) above but w/ layer
> d) no box but an image, b/w-gif generated by php
> e) inline-frameset which is reloaded
> f) an applett which get its resource by getURL
> g) ...
> As I said, do you know which would be the best?
> Thanks a lot,
> Jan
> PS. Yes, I think this is rather a PHP question.

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