Jason Soza wrote:
> Don't want to start a war or anything, so e-mail me your responses 
> offlist if necessary, but I'd like to know what Linux distro you like 
> best and why.

Wouldn't you rather ask a less inflammatory question - like "which is 
better?  Emacs or vi[0]?" :o)

<snip />

> Anyhow, I've used both Mandrake and Slackware distros, but am now 
> leaning toward Debian or SuSe. If you have other suggestions or 
> whatever, please share. Remember, NO HOLY WARS! Offlist is okay if you 
> think your comments might spark something. :)

Don't go for Mandrake.  Sure, it's a lot easier to use than the others, 
but... *shudder*.

I'm using Redhat currently, but just as a desktop computer (with 
theoretical links to my home network).  My site's host, though, uses 
Redhat on her servers IIRC, and has no problems.

Apparently Debian and SuSe are extremely good.

[0] Stupid question, anyway - everyone knows it's vi (well, Vim)

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