Hi all,

I have a form, with about 40 checkboxes, I want to write a PHP document that
processes the submission and displays the values of the checkboxes that were
Pretty basic stuff, I've tried a few different things, some work but display
"Array" at the top of the list of values.

<Snippet of HTML>
<input type="checkbox" name="games[]" value="Counter-Strike">
<input type="checkbox" name="games[]" value="Total Annihilation">
<td>Total Annihilation</td>
</Snippet of HTML>

<Snippet of PHP>
while ( $element = each( $games ) )
  echo $element["value"];
  echo "<br>";
</Snippet of PHP>

I tried this too, it gave the same results as the above...

if (is_array($games)) {
 for ($z=0;$z<count($games);$z++) {
  echo "$games[$z]<BR>";
else {
 echo "$games";

I'm missing something real stupid, please help me out


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