At 24.04.2002  15:29, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>What needs to be done for multi language support in PHP.
>I am using redhat linux & new to HTML programming.
>I want to know the mechanism to make the output available in different
>Thanks in advance for any help!!!!
>--Shailendra S. Mehta
>Senior Engineer (Design & Development),
>TATA Infotech Ltd,

If you want to do this, one suggestions is:
Have a db, where you store the text for each ouput, button, etc...
under a number (in mysql autonum is your friend)

copy this db, changing the textcontent in every desired language,
to a new name f.e db_english, db_french....

now make an object, or function which requests the content of
number x and disply it where it´s needed.
like <? echo transtext("number","$language"); ?>

As a hint, when incrementing the number of the text, add 10, as later you´ll
need another text, and this will be put at the end of db.
When making the site-scripts, don´t forget to have the original text nearby 
as comment.
Otherwise you get mad, when you touch the code a second time.

HTH Oliver

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