On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Maxim Maletsky (PHPBeginner.com) wrote:
> You can use PHP-GTK in the background. Just call it with cron.
> Alternatively, you can set PHP to keep executing on the user exit. What
> was that function called? on_*_shutdown()?
> Could be dangerous though, what if it goes to loop-in your server? 30
> mins is quite a few for a script to run. So, check also
> max_execution_time directiv in your PHP.INI.
> Or, the best is - loop up a way to reduce (or split) the times.

Sometimes there isn't much choice. I recall an earlier project where we 
had an Oracle query that usually took about 12 hours to run.

One approach that keeps fewer processes hanging around is to have the 
query store to a temporary table, and then just poll for a completed 
result set.


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