I use a W2000+Apache+PHP 4.1.2, and I want to execute an external
command from PHP script, the line is something like this:

psftp.exe [EMAIL PROTECTED] -pw root -b bat.txt

psftp is a secure ftp console program, and the bat.txt file contains all the
necessary commands to get a file from the server and quit the session.

If I execute this line from a console, everything goes well, connects to the
server, gets the file and return to the console, but I'm trying to do the
same from a PHP script in various ways, popen, ` `, exec...

Always is the same, it seems it does nothing, and I'm sure the psftp.exe and
bat.txt files are in the same dir of the script. Also I have created a
console program with Delphi to execute the command, but doesn't work.

Any idea?

Best Regards.
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