Greetings all,
I am pretty much still a virgin on PHP. :-)
I have just started to learn about all the features and am migrating from
java servlets.

To make things easier on myself i have sucessfully installed Apache,MySql
and PHP on my Win2k system without any problems.
(after 4 hours of work and 9 re-starts.)

PHP is running as a module under Apache.
Heres my problem, I need to install GD,ZLIB,LIBJPEG and LIBPNG to work with
php but dont know how to do so and the help/readme files are just to
complicated for my brain.
(I have downloaded all these files already)

I know for some of you PHP gurus that you must be holding your stomach and
please wipe those tears of laughter and take 2 minutes to help me as god
will then allot brownie points to you and you MAY reach heaven eventually.
ANY help appreciated,but please note that i dont know Unix/Linux and will be
working only on win2k.
Thank you in advance,

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