Good description. One minor addition I would suggest: That schema only
allows for one level of replies. Add a parentpostid to the posts table and
you can easily handle replies to replies to replies to replies (etc) to a


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Plain english eh?  Oookay...  :)

Well it's pretty obvious you'll want to store the data somehow.  I'd
recommend using a MySQL database.

For a simple forum script you'll want to have two tables in your database.
A Thread table and a Post table.  The Thread table will store (threadid,
username, subject title, date).  The Post table will store (postid, threadid
username, message, date).

ThreadID will be be used in the Post table to connect each post with the
right thread.

When a user fills out the New Thread form and hits submit that information
is stored in the Thread table.  The message he adds will be stored in the
Post table as the first post to that thread.

When a user fills out the Reply form and hits submit that information is
stored in the Post table.  The threadid is recorded to match the post with
that thread.

Now when a user views the forum script it will extract all data from the
Threads table and display a page of all threads linked to their threadids.
So when a user clicks on a thread the script searches for that threadid in
the Posts table and displays a page of all posts relating to that threadid.

Bing Badda Boom... you've got yourself a quaint little forum script.  But it
doesn't do much yet.   It just allows you to create threads and add posts to
those threads.  You may also want to have multiple forums in which case you
would add a Forums table and a forumid column to the Threads table.  The
forumid relates to the threadid relates to the postid.

Adding deletion, editing and search functions is trivial.

User login and authentication is an entirely different discussion.

Hope this helps,

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