Found it - just added another curly brace to the end of the code and it
worked, so I searched up from there and found:

function ext_valid ($filename) {

         $extget = substr( strrchr($filename, "."), 1);

         $found = in_array($extget, $extval);

         if ( $found ) {
            echo "<p><font color='red'><center>"
               . $message["invext"]."</font></center></p>";

            $rc = 2;

This function should have another curly brace at the end. Aha! Thanks for
your help!


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Copy and paste the parse error into your e-mail.  Also, try placing another
"}" at the end of the code.  If you're missing a closing bracket somewhere,
that will take care of it.

Tyler Longren
Captain Jack Communications

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