I am considering using SSL_SESSION_IDs as part of my
authentication/session management scheme. (Using Apache, mod_ssl, PHP

However, the fact that for example Internet Explorer forces renogiate of
the SSL session (every 2 minutes) causes problems to the session
management. Is there any way to know (interact with apache mod_ssl) when
the renogiation is done.

By example, the goal would be to know within PHP if the newly renegotiated
SSL_SESSION_ID 123671253761253765123765312 is continuation to the previous
SSL_SESSION_ID for the logged-in user or to notice if the SSL session is
comptely fresh and new and does not have anything to do with previous

If I understood the SSL documentation correctly, this should be possible
as I understood that there is some "inheritance" in the renogotiation. Or
am I completely lost here and the SSL session is built "from scratch" upon

If this little :) problem could be avoided, this would provide a pretty
trustable add-on to authentication and session management. 

Any input? 

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